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       from a dream to reality...       





I am a mummy , midwife owner of the ETSY shop The Geeky Planner.

Looking for Christmas presents around 2015 some high street bath bombs caught my eye , however having three sisters as well as numerous other family members buying from there was going to be very costly, also a couple of my family members reacted quite badly to the highstreet brand. This ranged from a rash to thrush.


I have always been to crafty for my own good so decided to give it a go! after lots and lots of research i found that there were sooooo many recipes out there and what worked for one person didnt for another , so i decided to start from scratch and develop my own. I researched all of the legalities behind making bath bombs (there are loads) and started getting my first report ready for assessment.


The feedback i got from people was amazing and the demand grew. Once my assessments came through i started doing a monthly bubble box, i kept it simple and took orders once a month to enable me to balance everything else i had going on . I had up to 20 messages a day from people asking if i would sell at other times and seperately.

It got to the point where i was losing track of all the orders i was getting , i didnt want to open another etsy shop as the fees i get from just selling a sheet of stickers is crazy and you even get charged on your postage costs so i figured that a website would help me best .

I ask all of the people who order from me to be super patient as there is literally only me making, packing, sending etc and my shop has to work around my kids, my midwifery and my other etsy shop.

My goal is to have a little indistrial workshop which i can work from that has loads of space , heres hoping it happens

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